Practice What You Paint

The outdoors and the natural world have always been a passion for me.  Some of my earliest memories are of the time that I spent growing up outdoors.  I am truly blessed to be born and raised in the farm country of central western PA, and whether I was snowboarding, taking care of farm animals, or riding my horse, I grew up outdoors.  Along with my love of nature, I also developed a love of art.  Although, I have worked with a variety of mediums, I am at home with oil paint.

Upon my graduation from Lincoln High School, I decided to pursue both of my interests in earnest.  I relocated to Bozeman, MT to attend college at Montana State University.  I didn’t recognize it at the time, but this decision would prove to be a turning point.  At Montana State University I spent the school days involved in a variety of artistic projects on my way to my BFA.  On the weekend and sometimes after school I would pursue my other passions snowboarding, hiking and fly fishing.

Along the way I met the love of my life and we went on our first date on the Madison River.  Although, I don’t think that the fish were biting well that day I knew I had a great catch.  Several years and many fishing trips later I got engaged on that same trout stream in MT.  Once we got married and started to have some thoughts of family, we knew that we would have to make some more “responsible” decisions so we returned to the East to seek out better employment opportunities.  It was really at this point that I started to recognize my proclivity towards involving the natural world into my creative process.

After countless trips and many fish caught I begin to shift my focus towards art of the piscine variety.  Now I paint the fish that I catch and read about.  I am fortunate to have fished and traveled through many beautiful parts of the world, and I do enjoy painting and studying various species of fish.  However, trout were my starting point, and the many species and colorations provide an almost endless supply of changing colors and patterns.  That does not mean that I shy away from other projects, so if you have something in mind I am happy to cater to your passions and desires.

Thank You,

Tiffany London

Farm Girl Graphics



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  1. Judy Pate Reply

    Let me know when you get your beautiful artwork on some t-shirts.

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